Conference 2024:

The 10th of February 2024 was the day we had been waiting for: the movement “Lëtzbuerg brauch d’Evangelium” (Luxembourg needs the gospel) was privileged to host its first conference at Scheidgen. More than 120 attendees from more than 15 protestant congregations in Luxembourg were present at the conference. Some of the speakers traveled from Germany, others even from as far as Wales and the USA. Most presentations were given in Luxembourgish and were translated into four languages (English, German, French and Portuguese). The conference was a great opportunity to learn new things and to network with many people. A particular highlight of the conference was the singing – it was the first time for many to sing hymns and songs of praise in Luxembourgish to God’s glory. Everyone went home motivated with the awareness that Luxembourg needs the gospel!

Why were there no workshops?

We would like to apologize to those who were looking forward to the workshops at the conference. When we started planning the conference, we expected around 50 people, but with the 120 participants who actually arrived, there was no longer enough space to offer workshops. Next time we’ll do better!