• ... who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

    1. Timothy 2:4

“Luxembourg needs the Gospel!” is a movement of Christians who are passionate about presenting the Gospel to Luxembourgish people in an understandable and clear way in Luxembourgish. The movement’s goal is that many Luxembourgish-speaking people hear the Gospel of Jesus and understand why Jesus invited them to follow him. This movement is not a club or a formal organization. It is made up of Christians with different beliefs who have the common goal of communicating the Gospel to Luxembourgers in Luxembourgish.

How can you become part of the movement?


Passing on information and material

Financial support

  • Bible translation – BfL asbl – IBAN: LU09 1111 7004 2181 0000.
  • Calendar 2025 – MSOE – IBAN: DE32 5206 0410 0000 0045 70 – Bolanz Verlag – IBAN: DE23 6905 0001 0020 1209 11.